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05 Sep 2013

The results of the ‘European countries for your family!’ campaign are declared

The results of the ‘European countries for your family’ annual promotion action were summed up. This campaign started on July 1 on the web-site and lasted till August 31 2013. On September 4 the results were posted on the Vkontakte and Facebook official promotion pages.

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20 Aug 2013

New curds packing will extend a shelf life

In August ‘InMilkco’ company has changed considerably the packing material for the curds produced under the ‘Hutorok’ trademark.

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05 Aug 2013

‘InMilkco’ confirmed its production quality by an independent test

TS ‘Khutorok’ products made by ‘InMilkco’ company got a positive mark at an annual quality control of milk products in the city’s supermarkets.

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04 Jul 2013

InMilkco company accomplished a restyling of the ‘Khutorok’ TM packaging

InMilkco Company instigated a renewal of the entire range of goods’ packaging. A new wrapping will show up on the shelves of the freight outlets as early as on June. To complete task it was decided to create a new positive image which would keep the concept chosen for the ‘Knutorok’ dairy products earlier.

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