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05 Sep 2013

The results of the ‘European countries for your family’ annual promotion action were summed up. This campaign started on July 1 on the web-site and lasted till August 31 2013. On September 4 the results were posted on the Vkontakte and Facebook official promotion pages.

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20 Aug 2013

New curds packing will extend a shelf life

In August ‘InMilkco’ company has changed considerably the packing material for the curds produced under the ‘Hutorok’ trademark.

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05 Aug 2013

TS ‘Khutorok’ products made by ‘InMilkco’ company got a positive mark at an annual quality control of milk products in the city’s supermarkets.

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04 Jul 2013

InMilkco Company instigated a renewal of the entire range of goods’ packaging. A new wrapping will show up on the shelves of the freight outlets as early as on June. To complete task it was decided to create a new positive image which would keep the concept chosen for the ‘Knutorok’ dairy products earlier.

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