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18 Mar 2013

Gain of volume of production, manufactured for ATB, has doubled

LLC `C-Trans`, which belongs to `Inmilkco` company, increased the volume of production, manufactured for supermarket chain ATB under the trademark `Always beneficial price` (own trademark of the chain – author). 

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07 Feb 2013

Inmilko proved the conformity of its products to the national standards

In February 2013 LLC `S-Trans`, that belongs to the company `Inmilko`, passed check over on conformity to the demands of the national standard. 

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09 Dec 2012

Inmilko passed check-over on conformity to international standards

In the end of December 2012 LLC `S-Trans`, that belongs to the company `Inmilko` successfully passed check up on conformity of implemented on the enterprise system of safety management of food products to the demands of international standard ISO 22000:2005.

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15 Oct 2012

Inmilkco company held full modernization of apparatus part of production site

In autumn 2012 new pasteurization and cooling unit `Alpha Laval`, capacity of 10 tonnes per hour, was installed. This unit will allow to double the capacity of the enterprise.

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