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04 Jul 2013

InMilkco Company instigated a renewal of the entire range of goods’ packaging. A new wrapping will show up on the shelves of the freight outlets as early as on June. To complete task it was decided to create a new positive image which would keep the concept chosen for the ‘Knutorok’ dairy products earlier.

The packing for different product rages depicts life stories of different characters in a farm. New bright wrapping as well as positive characters is a new ‘fresh’ tool for a communication between customers and the Company.

‘New packaging’s design demonstrates the development of our Company and in particular ‘Khutorok’s trade mark. The images on the wrappings will attract attention of standing customers as well as new buyers who are constantly in search of something new. Restyling will permit to push up sales and to uphold a positive image of this trade mark.’ – Jutiy Kovalenko, a head of sales of the company.