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20 Aug 2013

New curds packing will extend a shelf life

In August ‘InMilkco’ company has changed considerably the packing material for the curds produced under the ‘Hutorok’ trademark.

The first charter party of the curds in a new flow pack instead of an ecolean packing will hit the market this month. The changes will affect the complete range of the curds products:

  •  Acid curd cheese (200 gr);
  • Curds (with apricots halves (200 gr), with plums (200 gr, 100 gr), with vanilla (200 gr), 100 gr)).

According to Juriy Kovalenko, ‘InMilkco’ sales director, the usage of this type of packing demonstrates not only a tendency to be compatible with modern trends but also makes possible the widening of the geography of activity by extending the shelf life of the product. Except this ‘InMilkco’ one more time underlines its correspondence with hygienic norms and requirements.

Comparing the flow pack to the ecolean, it is necessary to emphasis its durability and perfect protection properties against the humidity and the vapor promoting the goods storage.

It is also important that the article packed into polypropylene film weighs as well as without packing and doesn’t occupy lots of space, what is especially important during the transportation and the warehouse storage.