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26 Sep 2011

Package and logo of the TM Hutorok have been changed

In September the Inmilkco Company has updated package and logo of the trade mark Hutorok. Restyling was made in connection with a start of campaign directed to strengthen their brand position in the activity field.


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18 Sep 2011

Inmilkco took part in the Slobozhanskaya trade fair-2011

On September,16 in Zmiev, Kharkov region, the Great Slobozhanskaya trade fair-2011 took place. Within 10 years of its existence the event became symbolic not only to Kharkov region, but to the whole Ukraine. Hundreds of Ukrainian manufacturing firms and companies participate in the fair annually. This year the event was attended by European and ex-CIS countries delegations.

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02 Aug 2011

In August 2011 Inmilkco participated in the international investment exhibition New Connect Convention-2011, which took place in Gdansk. The company was represented at the expo by the chief executive officer Samvel Kutuzyan and the chief financial officer Irina Glushenko. The main goal of participation was: to acquaint the Polish investment society with Inmilkco Company. The presentation of Ukrainian company`s advantages was made in order to form a single specific opinion among stand attendees: Inmilkco is the excellent investment, no matter which way you look at it. The company was introduced to the audience by a single official certificate an indicative offer.

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20 Jul 2011

Inmilko has launched a new trade mark "Pani Hutoryanka" to the domestic market. The product range of this trade mark represents the new kind of dairy products – milk-containing products. The main difference between milk-containing and dairy products is in compounding - in milk-containing dairy products (MCDPs) the animal fats are partially substituted by vegetable fats.

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