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05 Sep 2013

The results of the ‘European countries for your family’ annual promotion action were summed up. This campaign started on July 1 on the web-site and lasted till August 31 2013. On September 4 the results were posted on the Vkontakte and Facebook official promotion pages.

Participants competed for 8 weekly prizes (family visit to a water park, Dolphinarium, restaurant or an air bed), 3 prizes of the second level (digital cameras) and 1 trip to Europe.

In the course of the campaign the participants downloaded 1577 photos. Vladislav Shkobriy’s photo got the biggest amount of voices, 52 832, that’s why he was awarded with the second level guaranteed prize. Two other camera owners were chosen randomly with the help of drawing machine. They were Oleksey Puhalskiy and Valentina Fedorova.

Irina Gritsko won the main prize of this campaign, trip to Europe.

In the words of Irina Piscovaya, a brand manager of the ‘InMilkco’ company, thanks to this campaign their goal was reached: ‘After 60 campaign days the number of visits to our web-site has doubled, increased by 215%, and the number of unique views of our promotion web-site has reached 43 133. We made our products more recognized and our customers happier.’

Irina Gritsko, the main prize owner: ‘I watched a video, thank you a lot for choosing me. I dreamt about this trip but could not believe that it was possible to win. My shock is gone but my husband believed me only after he saw the video. He got happier than me, when he realized that it was true. Thank you for this campaign and your products.’

Vladislav Shkorbiy, photocamera owner: ‘Yahoo! Thank you all for the organization and for your help. Thanks to ‘Khutorok! I’ve always loved your products and from now I will love it even more!’