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05 Aug 2013

TS ‘Khutorok’ products made by ‘InMilkco’ company got a positive mark at an annual quality control of milk products in the city’s supermarkets.

In August 2 the results of an independent examination arranged by KhOPA were published. An analysis of 15 trade stamps took place in August this year, it was organized by ‘TEST’ Examination centre.

According to the KhOPA’s vice-chairman, a commission checked physicochemical properties (fattiness, fat identification, vegetable or butterfat) and microbiological index (presence of hazardous organisms).

The results of the examination showed there are no antibiotics and hazardous organisms like colon bacillus in ‘InMilkco’s milk. The fattiness of the product completely corresponds with one stated on a packing, impurities of vegetable fat were not indicated. There were no claims against marking and packing (composition and shelf life) as well.

‘We cares a lot about our production quality, - Natalia Krestinskaya, ‘S-Trans’ Quality Head, notes. – In April 2013 ‘InMilkco’ production laboratory was attested for metrological studies of milk production quality. In December 2012 the company confirmed the ISO 22000:2005 standard compliance. A fact that the quality is approved by the independent examination means the company goes in the right way’.