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Local trade marks

On this his page you will find information about our standard dairy products represented in retail chains in the domstic market. To learn more about the range of our products intended for our export deliveries, please visit our Export page.

Trade mark "Molochnaya ferma"

The trade mark "Molochnaya ferma" ("Milk Farm" in English) is represented by a wide range of dairy products.

The trade mark "Molochnaya ferma" is a local one represented mainly in the retail stores of the Kharkov region, which occupies the territory with the total population of about 2 million inhabitants.

The product range of the trade mark "Molochnaya ferma" is represented by pasteurised milk, kefir, baked milk, ryazhenka, sour cream, butters and butter blends.

The trade mark "Molochnaya ferma" is represented by both by the prepackaged dairy products and dairy products sold by weight. The prodicts are mainly packed in polyethylene (PE) or ecolean (FPO-PE) films.


The range of the products sold under the "Molochnaya ferma" trade mark includes:

Kefir of 1% fat, weight 0.9 kg
Kefir of 2.5% fat, weight 0,45 kg
Low-fat kefir, weight 0,45 kg
Pasteurised milk of 2,6% fat, weight 0.9 kg
Pasteurised milk of 3.2% fat, weight 0.9 kg
Baked milk of 4% fat, weight 0.5 kg
Ryazhenka of 4% fat, weight 0.45 kg
Sour cream of 21% fat, weight 0.25 kg
Sour cream of 21% fat, weight 0.45 kg

Trade mark "S'eshka"

The trade mark S'eshka ("Let's it it" in English) represents curd based dairy products.

Both the trade mark "S'eshka" and the trade mark "Molochnaya ferma" are local ones. The products under the trade mark of "S'eshka" are sold in the retail stores of Kharkov region.

Under the trade mark of "S'eshka" we offer mosttly the curd products packed in ecoline (FPO-PE) film.