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01 Jul 2013

‘Khutorok’ TM which belongs to the InMilcko Company, announced a beginning of a new summer contest named ‘European countries for all our family!’. An establishment of this type of sales promotions is traditional for the company.

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21 May 2013

InMilkco conducts audits among the suppliers of the primary product

Due to the fact that the summer has started a laboratory of the InMilkco company is carries out a scheduled audits of the removes storage facilities, logistics company and suppliers of basic and extra raw materials.

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07 May 2013

On may 2013 the InMilkco company has began the production of a new merchandise line, spreads and oils, under the “Hutorok”. Since the last month the production of this kind of output has taken place not just regularly but has increased every day.

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25 Apr 2013

Inmilkco received the right to hold expert quality control

In April 2013 production laboratory of Inmilkco company passed certification on the right to hold metrological analysis of the quality of dairy products.

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