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For nearly 50 years we combine expert milk farming with state-of-the art dairy processing to produce a range of nutritional milk products and ingredients that provide genuine benefits for human health and wellbeing.

Along with our processing facilities, located in the Eastern Ukraine, we maintain control over the quality of milk supply, milk processing and market distribution to provide our customers with utmost assurance of food safety, security and traceability worldwide.

Our milestones

Our history dates back to 1968 when Zmiyev dairy plant was founded.

In 2003 Zmiyev dairy plant was purchased by private investors who founded S-Trans, LLC – a company that acquired the assets of Zmiyev dairy plant.

In 2004 we launched a line of our own dairy brands that soon have become well known within Eastern Ukraine.

In 2007 to manage the distribution of our dairy products in chain stores the Trade House “Molochny hutor” ("Milk Farm" in English) was founded.

In 2012 the dairy assets of S-Trans, LLC were consolidated under the umbrella of a Cyprus-based holding company Inmilkco plc.