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07 Feb 2013

Inmilko proved the conformity of its products to the national standards

In February 2013 LLC `S-Trans`, that belongs to the company `Inmilko`, passed check over on conformity to the demands of the national standard. 

The conclusion on conformity to the national standards of quality was made by the representatives of SE `Kharkivstandardmetrology`, based on the results of the complex check up of the enterprise. The audit concerned operational processes (including pasteurization regimes), documentation on materials, end products and used detergents and disinfectants.  The check up also concerned such aspects as  temperature regimes of storage and dispatching of end products, conformity of products to the demands of technical conditions and national standards of products of Ukraine. Moreover, methods of selection of suppliers of the main and secondary materials and engineering systems of the company (sewage, ventilation, etc) were checked.

In the course of the audit the specialist of `Kharkivstandardmetrology` checked how the demands of basic programmes, plans of HACCP and operating instructions are followed.  

According to the results of the audit by state enterprise `Kharkivstandardmetrology`, the certificate DSTU 4161, given to the company in the beginning of 2012 was prolonged. 

As the director on quality of the company `S-Trans`, Natalia Krestinskaya announced that by passing this check up the company confirmed meeting all requirements of the laws of Ukraine  `About safety and quality of food products` and  `About the demands concerning development, implementation and usage of procedures, based on the principles of safety management if food products (HACCP)`.