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15 Oct 2012

Inmilkco company held full modernization of apparatus part of production site

In autumn 2012 new pasteurization and cooling unit `Alpha Laval`, capacity of 10 tonnes per hour, was installed. This unit will allow to double the capacity of the enterprise.

Yurii Kovalenko, commercial director of the company, said that the launched in autumn unit is the second pasteurization unit, bought in the process of modernization of production capacities of the company `Inmilkco`. The first similar unit was launched in November 2011.

Yurii Kovalenko noted, that modernization of the site is one of the stages of work optimization of the whole enterprise, aimed at improving the quality and safety of its products.

`Pasteurization is a very important stage in production of all dairy products because this process allows to store in milk only useful substances. Due to modernization of apparatus part of production site the company continued implementation of its programme of holding total safety control of the whole range of dairy products`- highlighted Yurii Kovalenko.