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09 Dec 2012

Inmilko passed check-over on conformity to international standards

In the end of December 2012 LLC `S-Trans`, that belongs to the company `Inmilko` successfully passed check up on conformity of implemented on the enterprise system of safety management of food products to the demands of international standard ISO 22000:2005.

This audit became the first annual inspection of system of management, implemented on the plant in December 2011. International body on certification QSCert (the Netherlands) was the general auditor. 

According to the results of the audit, non-conformity was not identified and the representatives of international organization recommended to prolong the certificate on system of safety management of food products in such spheres as purchasing of milk materials, production of milk, fermented milk and milk-containing products. 

`During the check up by the international auditors, valuable recommendations were given on further improvement of our current systems. In these particular directions we will continue working.  In general, we consider system optimization as a part of systematic development of our enterprise, aiming at total control of safety of our dairy products` - noted the director on quality of the company `S-Trans` Natalia Krestinskaya.