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25 Apr 2013

Inmilkco received the right to hold expert quality control

In April 2013 production laboratory of Inmilkco company passed certification on the right to hold metrological analysis of the quality of dairy products.

The laboratory has been functioning since the founding of the plant and is a structural unit of the company. The system of provision of the quality of the measurement of products was developed and has been functioning there. The workers of the laboratory have professional preparation, qualification and work experience, necessary for holding metrological works referring to the sphere of certification. Currently, the laboratory has confirmed its rights to hold analysis of milk, dairy and milk-containing products, butter and spreads. The analysis can be held on more than 30 parameters.


The certification of the laboratory was held by SE `Kharkovstandartmetrology`, assessing professional preparation of the workers, technical equipment, quality of works.

The laboratory Inmilkco got the right by April 2016 to issue the results of its analyses in the form of the certificate of quality of the set form.