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07 May 2013

On may 2013 the InMilkco company has began the production of a new merchandise line, spreads and oils, under the “Hutorok”. Since the last month the production of this kind of output has taken place not just regularly but has increased every day.

According to the words of the commercial manager Juriy Kovalenko today parallel to the producing of oils and spreads there’s a research of the consumer’s demand on this group of products.

‘Today for the producing of this group of merchandise our company use only modern hi-tech equipment. Thanks to which we are able not only to react on-the-fly on the changes of demand, but also to minimize the production expenses. Since we know costumer’s needs we do not spend our money on the producing of extra amount of merchandise, but we work on the improvement of its quality.’

There are all necessary and regulatory documents that should be, like sanitary decisions, reports of the researches, product assurance information and declaration of manufacturer which can confirm a high quality of the ‘Hutorok’ output.