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26 Apr 2012

Inmilkco holds complex modernization of production facilities

The `Inmilkco` company has proceeded to realize complex modernization and reconstruction program of Zmiev dairy plant (Kharkov region).


Modernization program aims to back up an output volume increase, that exceeds an average market one, on condition that all the requirements of food safety management systems, that were implemented at the enterprise in 2012, will be maintained (HACCP). With this aim, increase of main manufacturing and support facilities, including take-over and storing of dairy feedstock, energy and water supply, waste water treatment and warehouse logistics are planned.

Working consistently on business profitability, Inmilkco also plans to set in operation a new butter workshop in May 2012.

Major modification is planned on curd products manufacturing as well. A new modernly equipped workshop for manufacturing and packing of curd products will help not only to improve the quality of the products, but also to reduce prices, and thereby create conditions for successful competition on the market.