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23 Jan 2014

Inmilkco has passed the Veterinary Medicine Department at Zmiivskyi region

On January 2014 LLC «S-Trans» that belongs to the «Inmilkco» company passed the sanitary-hygienic standards compliance test. 

The audit, conducted by the Veterinary Medicine Department at Zmiivskyi region, confirmed the availability and relevance of the operational permits, accompanying documentations on the incoming milk materials from individual deliverers and market operators, correspondence of the pasteurization temperature mode with the expected standards, correspondence of the enterprise sanitary conditions with the SSD 4.4.4-011-98 “State Sanitary Code for the milk processing companies”.

“The audit showed that the production processes of the enterprise correspond to all sanitary-hygienic requirements, that ensures our products safety”, - Natalia Blajko, “S-Trans” quality director.