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23 Dec 2013

Dear colleges, partners, friends!

You can’t even imagine how much we, friendly «InMilkco» company team, love New Year holidays!

It is fairy time when tiny lights of different colors, which decorate shop windows with, and snow-white trees congratulate the passing people. When green fluffy firs appear in the windows of apartment houses, you can feel the smell of pine needles and mandarin spreading everywhere. It is time when we become children and believers in miracles for a while.

Let us congratulate you with this New Year holidays heartily!

New Year 2014

Let the symbol of this year – Hoarse – bring you a lot of energy and strength, ease and fast decision-making. Let your new year be full of successful and pleasant events. Let all your previously planned projects be realized, your goals be reached.

Let love and harmony reign in your families. Let happy smiles of your relatives and friends and nice meetings with interesting people make you glad during the whole year. Let small and big miracles happen in your life like it was in your childhood.

Happy holidays!

With warm regards and thanks for spending together 2013,
«InMilkco» company team