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12 Dec 2013

On December 4 2013 LLC «S-Trans», that belongs to the «InMilkco» company, passed the second annual inspection of conformity with the ISO 22000:2005 international standard. The audit was conducted by the international Certification Body «QSCert».

All ISO 22000:2005 specifications were met. The attestation commission recommended extending of the certificate validity interval for the management system of several directions such as purchasing of raw milk, manufacturing of diary, fermented milk and lactiferous products.

«This certificate confirms that the company meets the ISO 22000:2005 standard and guarantees the production of high-quality and safety products, - Nataliia Krestinskaia comments. – The improvement of the management system and quality of our products is one of the most important aspects of our enterprise. It is the direction which we invest a lot in».

Note: «QSCert» is independent Certification Body with the international operation. Its main operation subject is certification of management systems (quality, environment, occupational health and safety protection, information security, food safety, NATO suppliers, etc.) and provision of other services.