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06 Dec 2013

On November 2 the winners of the summer action of the TM «Khutorok» came back home after their journey through Europe.

This trip was offered within the advertising campaign which was conducted by the «InMilkco» company last summer TM «Khutorok» was holding a contest named «European countries for your family» from July 1 to August 31. Irina Gritsko, a citizen of Alexandria town in Kirovogradska region, won a main prize, trip to Europe for the whole family.

«We are thankful to the TM «Khutorok» for this opportunity to travel, - the winner shares her impression of the trip. – That week, spent in France, Poland and Germany is a real godsend. I and my husband wanted to go on the family vacation for a long time. Thanks to the TM «Khutorok» we finally got a chance to go on a journey. Our family has always loved the dairy products, because they are tasty and healthy. Now I know that it is a good chance to get an unforgettable experience as well! From now on no other dairy products but «Khutorok»!

Irina Piskovaia, a brand manager of the «InMilkco» company, says that the holding of the events of this kind became a tradition: «The way we introduce our products to our customers is important along with its quality. Communication with clients is our source of inspiration, source of ideas of how to make our goods better. We try to show by these actions that TM «Khutorok» is healthy and enjoyable as well».