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29 Oct 2013

In 2013 the «Inmilkco» company has continued developing in a positive way. The growth in sales was 29%. Nowadays the geography of the company’s activities has extended to 9 oblasts of Ukraine, such as Kharkivska, Donetska, Luganska, Dnipropetrovska, Zaporizka, Sumska, Poltavska, Kirovogradska and AR of Crimea). «Inmilkco» supplies 926 supermarkets and 3000 retail shops with his products every day.

The sales boost by the supermarkets continues to increase (in 2012 the sales boosted by 43%, in 2013 – 38%). Besides, the company successfully goes on the realization of the TM «Vigodnaya tsena vsegda» production project (a dairy products line which is manufactured under the ATB supermarket chain trade mark): in 2012 the turnout of this TM’s products increased 2094 thousand tons, in 2013 the turnout has kept growing 31% extra comparing to the last year.

The high quality of the products, manufactured by the company, is not confirmed only by the trade chains and customers’ confidence, but also by the certification. This year the company has successfully passed the compliance of the management system to the ISO 22000 2005 international standards test. Furthermore, the DSTU national standards test and the independent examination of KhOGA was successfully passed. The system work of the company on the improvement of the product quality was awarded as «The best domestical product 2012: 23% vanilla fermented milk curd, 21% sour cream, «Ukrainske» 2,5% milk».

Next year the company is planning to continue working on increasing the production volume, modernization of the production facilities and improving the quality of his products.