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18 Oct 2013

TM ‘Khutorok’, which belongs to the ‘InMilkco’ company, has increased the proportion of his products’ presence in the ‘ATB’ national trading network. Nowadays the whole line of curds which extended from 2 to 5 positions, is presented in this trade network.

From now on there are several products on sale:
-    Sweet vanilla curds (200 gr)
-    Sweet curds with dried apricots (200gr)
-    Vanilla curd (100 gr).

The whole line of the TM ‘Khutorok’ curd is realized in flow-pack, which makes possible to increase the shelf life of the product. Besides the wrapping of this kind is a modern decision for the food products packing which corresponds to all hygienic norms and requests.

According to Juriy Kovalenko, sales manager of ‘InMilkco’ company, the cooperation with ATB network allows TM ‘Khutorok’ to expend geography and be present at the national level. This kind of confidence on products confirms their high quality.