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16 Sep 2013

TM “Khutorok” was a partner of the XII ethno-artistic festival named “Pechenezke pole”, which took place in Pachanegy urban-type community nearby Kharkiv on September 14 2013.

‘The support of this festival is the support of the Ukrainian culture as an original spiritual phenomenon which is close to each of us first of all, - Jurii Kovalenko, a sales manager, comments. – Our company is open for cooperation and always supports the initiatives of thiskind. Especially since it is hard to imagine the Ukrainian traditional cuisine without milk and dairy products.’

The idea of the festival is the reservation and the renascence of Ukrainian national culture and Slobojanshina ones. The entertainment show of the event included different kinds of thematic classes from craftsmen, artistic playgrounds, competitions. The concert ones included power competitions which famous Ukrainian and Russian strongmen participated in, theatrical performance, choreographic and vocal- choreographic staging of the ‘Kniaz Igor’ opera and the performances of Ukrainian pop-stars.