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20 Aug 2012


The trademark Hutorok, made by S-Trans company, received the diploma of the winner of national exhibition «The best domestic goods of 2012». This victory also means the award of status  «The producer of the best domestic goods of 2012». Awarding ceremony took place in the National exhibition center «Expocentre Ukraine» on the 14th of August.

«The Best domestic goods of 2012» is an annual competition, held since 2005 on the threshold of celebration of the Independence Day of Ukraine. Its main goal is to publicize achievements of the Ukrainian enterprises and to increase the share of a domestic production on the foreign and domestic markets. 

Several positions in product range of TM Hutorok, such as pasteurized milk "Ukrainian" 2,5 % of fat content, sour-cream 21 % of fat content and curd cake with vanilla of 23 % of fat content, received diplomas in the nomination «Production of dairy products».

Chief marketing officer of the S-Trans company Yuriy Kovalenko noted: «For us this victory means recognition of the selected way of production modernization. Today we place the main emphasis on it, because only in this way it is possible to achieve quality improvement of our production».