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20 Jul 2012

Inmilkco prepares for buyers new types of products

The butter shop of Zmievskoj dairy plant (Kharkov region) will produce 3 types of butter and 3 types of "spread", the Chief Commercial Officer of Inmilkco Yurij Kovalenko reported.

As Mr. Kovalenko said, the butter line will be presented by sweet-creamy butter «Buterbrodnoye» with total fat content of 62%, «Krestyanskoye» - with total fat content of 73% and «Extra» - with total fat content of 83%. Product range of "spreads" will consist of three items with fat content of 62%, 72% 83% respectively.

Today the butter shop finishes a production output of hallmarked product batches, which have already confirmed self correspondence to requirements of DSTU. Now they are waiting for hygienic findings, that would be a guarantee for safety and quality of products.