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27 Feb 2012

Within the limits of implementation of HACCP in February 2012 the Inmilkco Company, that operates in Ukraine under trade marks Hutorok, Molochnaya ferma and Pani Hutoryanka, passed examination on conformity with requirements of national standard DSTU 4161.

According to the results of the audit conducted by SE Kharkivstandartmetrologiya Inmilkco was recommended for receiving the conformity certification of implemented food safety management systems with DSTU 4161 requirements.

«Having passed the check on conformity with national standards Inmilkco has acknowledged that food safety management systems were developed in a proper way and completely implemented at the enterprise. Such management systems are recognized and widely applied all over the world as reliable method of control of qualitative and safe foodstuff production. This event is important personally for me, because it is an outcome of our work on quality perfection of our products for the recent years», – said the chief marketing officer of dairy company Yuriy Kovalenko.

As Mr. Kovalenko has notified, positive results of the given procedure passage affirm the competitiveness of trade marks, that operate under Inmilkco’s management on the dairy market saturated with players.

Reference information: State-owned enterprise Kharkivstandartmetrologiya is a governing body dealing with product, service and management systems certification and is also evaluating conformity with maintenance schedule requirements. Kharkivstandartmetrologiya – is one of the leading unites centres in The State Committee of Ukraine for Technical Regulation and Consumer Policy.