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27 Feb 2012

The trading house Molochnyiy hutor has entered the top-five of dairy branch of Ukraine

The Trading house Molochnyiy hutor LLC took the fourth place among the enterprises of Ukraine which are engaged in the processing of milk and manufacturing of cheese. The company entered the top-10 of annual National business rating of Ukraine by criterion «Efficiency of work». The enterprise received the status «the Leader of branch 2011».

The assessment of the companies was carried out by comparison of economic indicators. The companies were analyzed by following criteria: volume of realized production, net profit, labor productivity and salary of employees. 200 000 financially active enterprises of Ukraine participated in this rating. The official presentation of the data of the National business rating and solemn awarding ceremony of Leaders of economy of Ukraine will traditionally take place together with the announcement of results of Russian nationwide business rating from May, 18 to May, 21, 2012 in Moscow.

Reference information: The Inmilkco Company unites actives of the Trading house Molochnyiy hutor LLC and S-Trans LLC.