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Samvel Kutuzyan

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Samvel Kutuzyan jointed the company in 2003. By that time he already had successful management backgrounds in metal package production for food-processing industries. From 1995 to 2002 he had launched the project of enterprise, which finally became a full-scale manufacturing company and worked up both Ukrainian and Russian marketing outlets.

Samvel took the position of the Chief executive officer. Under his guidance the upgrade of all production equipment has taken place. The largest modernisation has applied to the production cycle: thermostatic production technique was replaced by the reservoir one.
Due to the modernization, the plant doubled the output. Within the same time period under Samvel Kutuzyan's guidance the compounding of new curd products line has been elaborated and implemented. This product line is now occupying up to 16% of the whole plant output.

Consequently, the development strategy realization the plant became a financially stable emerging enterprise, which is now turning from local into a high-profile market participant in Eastern Ukraine.