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Irina GlushenkoIrina Glushenko

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

In 1995 Irina Glushenko got a magister degree in Kharkov National University of Economics. The same year she continued postgraduate studies in accounting and controlling department at National Technical University "Kharkov Polytechnic Institute". While studying in the university she participated actively in advancing contacts with foreign universities, raising simultaneously her qualification in financial and project management.

1998 – internship in The University of North London (United Kingdom)
1994-2004 – coordination of joint partnership project with University of Iowa (USA).
2005-2008 – coordination of project for regional economic advancement with assistance of Austrian and Franch Universities.

Irina Glushenko is an accredited expert in the field of finance and financial management (CIPA – Financial Management, 2005; Leasing in Ukraine – Certified Lease Professional, 2006; Benchmarking of manager practices, 2006).

She attended internship at international projects (Leaders of MBA. (USAID Project), 2004-2005; Training programs and internships in Leadership, Project Management, Soft Skills training, (BECA), Iowa State University, Ames, USA, 1999 – 2004)

From 2005 to 2009 Irina as a counselor realised several projects in strategic and finance planning implementation, budgeting, business plan development, corporate culture building for manufacturing firms and retail companies.

In 2010 Irina Glushenko was appointed the Chief financial officer of Inmilkco. In 2001 - 2011 she successfully implemented a system of long-term financial planning, developed a project of financial system alteration in order to bring Inmilko to the foreign capital markets. In the context of that task fulfillment Irina triggered an IFRS financial accountability adoption and implemented the investment activity control.